Today’s lacrosse is a fast paced, skill-focused game sweeping the nation. There is no sport growing as fast as lacrosse at the middle school, high school & collegiate levels. This is because lacrosse at its roots is an action packed and fun sport. Many athletes from other sports find their current skill sets are easily transferable to the lacrosse field.

SCHOOLYARD LAX was started with a vision of truly growing the game of lacrosse in environment that is the future of lacrosse - the asphalt & concrete landscape of the cities. SCHOOLYARD LAX's mission is to embrace the assets of the urban environments – walls & tight spaces – and leverage them, transforming local athletes into highly skilled lacrosse players and provide city based highly competitive lacrosse leagues. No other place in the country has the wealth of walls & schoolyards that Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Hoboken, Jersey City & Bayonne have.

We know the next wave of elite lacrosse players will be from urban schoolyards. Catch that urban asphalt wave.

Our services include:

  • Leagues

  • 1-on-1 Player Development

  • Small Group Player Training

  • Coach Development

  • Lacrosse Program Development

  • Physical Education Lacrosse Curriculum

  • Growing the Game!!!

Here is a Podcast on the state of NYC youth lacrosse and the history of lacrosse in Brooklyn. Brian Boyle, lacrosse superstar, and President of Trilogy Lacrosse, interviewing Pat Drennan - SchoolYard Lax, Susan Murray & Dan Sheff, all of the Brooklyn Crescents. This is from December, 2012.

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