1 on 1 Private Lacrosse Lessons

A one-on-one private lacrosse lesson consists of either one hour or one and a half hours of work with an SchoolYard coach.  We offer a few different structures which cater to all abilities and skill levels.

Introductory Lesson

If the player is a beginner, or new to the game of lacrosse, introductory lessons are recommended. The student would learn the basic fundamentals of the game. Expect the following:

  • Equipment Check – evaluation of fit and ‘playability’
  • Throwing and Catching
  • Ground Balls
  • Shooting
  • Dodging
  • Stick Checks
  • Body Position
  • Angles – Offensive and Defensive
  • Fundamental Team Defense
  • Fundamental Team Offense


Advanced Lesson

An advanced lesson is for a player who has been playing for at least two years and has begun to master most of the fundamental skills and technique that are offered in our introductory lesson. Coaches focus their attentions the little things and technicalities of each position.

You can expect the following:

  • Usually involves being paired up with a specific position coach geared towards lesson goals.
  • Developing Lacrosse IQ – game situation awareness
  • Advanced dodging moves – hitch, wind-up, etc.
  • Advanced passing & shooting – behind-the-back, on the run, hiding the stick, fakes, etc
  • Body position and Advanced stick checks
  • Advanced defense – zone and man-to-man education, etc
  • Advanced offense – cuts & picks, offensive sets, etc


Position Specific Lesson

A position specific lesson is key when a player has chosen a specific position - Midfield, FOGO, Attack, Defense, or Goalie - and wants to develop their repertoire and/or a specific set of skills to improve at the chosen position. It will always take place with a coach who’s specialty and experience was learned by playing that position.



Small Group Lacrosse Lessons

Group lacrosse lessons are perfect for a group of neighborhood friends looking to get started with the game, or a few teammates looking to improve their overall skill and effectiveness on the lacrosse field. Lacrosse is, and forever will be, a team game.

SchoolYard Lax coaches find that group lessons can be much more effective in the following areas:

  • Development of Lacrosse IQ – field spacing, play development, field sense, etc
  • Understanding team defense and strategy – zone, man-to-man, slide packaging, etc
  • 2-Man Game – major offensive weapon at the college level
  • Understanding team offense and strategy – offensive sets, extra man opportunity, etc
  • Basic teamwork and leadership skills – effective communication

For more information please email - PatDrennan@SchoolYardLax.com